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Last update: 2024/07/23

Nuazure Innovative Technology (including its subsidiary HK Renascimedia Co., Limited, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") provides its Pubu ( and Pubu app service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). The Service is provided by the Company at no cost and is intended for use as is.

In order to help you understand how the Company collects, processes and uses the personal information that you provide, the rights that you have over your personal information, as well as to provide you with a comprehensive and diversified service, we collect, process and use your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Company's Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy").

Scope of Application

To uphold and respect your rights and interests, services provided by the Company for the collection, processing and use of personal information will be conducted in an honest and credible method. Unless there are special provisions of the law, they will not exceed the necessary scope of specific purposes in the legitimate collection of personal information.

The Company may provide links to service platforms of other manufacturers on the Service's platform, the Company's website and related application software for your reference. When you visit these platforms, you will be out of the scope managed by the Company or the Service, and the personal information that you provide to these vendors will apply to the Personal Information Policies of these vendors and will not apply to the Policy.

Personal Information Collection, Processing And Utilization

  1. Purpose for collection of personal information

    The Company collects and utilizes, within the scope of the following purposes, your personal information for the purposes of marketing, consumer protection, consumer/customer management and services, advertising or business conduct management, other e-commerce services, account management, contractual/semi-contractual relationship or other legal relationships, surveys/statistics and research analyses, information and database management, and collection and processing of personal information by non-official agencies according to statutory obligations

    To prevent your information from being stolen, tampered with, corrupted, lost or leaked, the server will automatically save your track records and information when you use the Service or make transactions, including the IP address of the connected device, usage time, browser used and the records of browsing and clicks. When you use the Service, the Company will also keep your usage records and other comments that you provide as a reference for data analysis and service enhancement. The records are kept for internal usage and not made public. Except for specific purposes, the Company will not sell, exchange, or rent any personal information to other parties or individuals. Exceptions will be made should the following conditions be met:

    1. The Service does use third party services that may collect information used to identify you. Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the Service.
    2. When you have given your written consent.
    3. Your action is in obvious violation of the Service or the Company's other usage regulations, or may cause any damage to or obstruct the rights and interests of the Company, or cause any harm to any person, for the purpose of identification, liaison or legal action.
    4. When the judicial authorities require that the Website disclose certain personal information due to investigation.
    5. When required by law or an order authorized by law.
    6. When it is necessary based on public interest considerations.
  2. Categories of personal information
    1. When you use the Service or other services from the Company, the Company may collect your personal information of the following categories:
      1. C001 Identify individuals: information such as the member's name, account number, mailing address, household registration address, telephone number, email address, records of providing online identity authentication or applying for inquiry services, and any other information identifiable as the member's information.
      2. C002 Identify financial data: information such as credit card or account information of a financial institution.
      3. C011 Personal description: such as gender, date of birth, etc.
      4. C021 Family status: such as marital status, date of marriage, number of children, etc.
      5. C024 Other social relations: such as friends, colleagues and other relations other than family members.
      6. C035 Leisure activities and interests: such as hobbies, sports and other interests.
      7. C038 Occupation: Various occupations.
      8. C081 Revenue, income, assets and investments: such as gross income, total income, etc.
    2. Information Services:

      When you use the Service to obtain information, you may also be asked to provide financial information such as your credit card or bank/postal account in addition to above mentioned personal information.

    3. Participation in Online Activities:

      When you participate in the online activities held by the Company, you will be asked to provide necessary personal information for contact and verification purposes. If you do not wish to provide the necessary personal information mentioned above, you will not be able to participate in online activities.

      When your personal information is collected for other activities or services, please refer to the relevant fields of the activities or services for the list of personal information.

    4. Image Information:

      The Service may request access to your device's image files to enhance its functionality, such as leaving books reviews.

  3. Period of time, area, target and ways when using personal information
    1. Period of time: The subsisting time, the number of years of retention in accordance with the relevant regulations or contracts, or the period of time for which the Company is required to perform its business of collecting personal information for specific purposes.
    2. Area: Including the areas where the Company, a branch of the Company, a subsidiary affiliated with the Company or a parent company in control of the subsidiary and its branch or company affiliated with a group, or agencies or consultants with a contractual relationship built due to business needs with the Company or aforesaid company, are located. In the case of international transmission out of the country, the Company will only proceed if your personal information is fully safeguarded and not prohibited by law.
    3. Target: Unless otherwise stipulated by regulations, we will not transfer the personal information provided by you to a third party or use it for other purposes, other than the purpose of the Service and internal usage of the Company within the relevant scope. However, relevant information will be provided to the co-organizers or collaborating manufacturers to fulfill the contractual obligations.
    4. Ways: Use of personal information by telephone, SMS, email, paper or other suitable means of use with the present science and technology, including but not limited to the following usage of personal information for the purpose of the Policy:
      1. Users' information:

        The information filled in when applying for the services and products of the Company will be developed as an in-house client system for internal conduct and other analyses, as well as for providing detailed information of the users and the basis for designing users' activities in the future.

      2. Online transactions:

        Should you choose to use the online transaction service, the relevant information of the transaction form that you filled in will be collected based on the online transaction format that you stated, to ensure that you have completed the payment, deposit or other consumer services.

      3. Statistics and Analysis:

        The Company may analyze and calculate the general users' behavior from time to time in accordance with the information that you fill in when applying for the services/products and the records generated by the server when you visit the website. We will not analyze personal behavior.

  4. Relevant rights that can be exercised
    1. You are legally entitled to the following rights over your personal information:
      1. Request for inquiries or viewing.
      2. Request for a copy.
      3. Request to fill in missing information or correct errors.
      4. Request to stop collecting, processing or using the information.
      5. Request to remove your personal information.
    2. If you apply for the services of the abovementioned (1), (2), the Company will have to collect necessary costs and will provide it within 15 working days after receiving the payment.
      If necessary, the Company will extend for another 15 working days after explaining the reasons. However, the Company may not provide the information in the following situations:
      1. When there is a risk of impeding national security, diplomatic or military secrets, overall economic interests, or major national interests of other countries.
      2. When there is an obstruction to the execution of the statutory office of the public authority.
      3. When there is an obstruction to the major interests of the Company or a third party.
    3. If you apply for the services of Article 1 (3), (4), (5), the Company will provide you with the required services within 30 working days after you have completed the application procedures as stated in Article 4.
      If necessary, the Company will extend for another 30 working days after explaining the reasons. However, the Company reserves the right not to process the application in the following situations:
      1. When the Company has to perform its business or fulfill its statutory obligations.
      2. With the written consent of the members.
    4. At any time, you have to contact our customer service center to apply for the service (1) to (5) as stated in Article 1 by email or customer service hotline, including request for data deletion. After receiving your message, the customer support will verify your identity and complete the verification process to complete the application.

  5. The effects on your rights for not providing personal information

    You are free to choose whether to provide your personal information. However, should you choose not to provide it to the Company, you will not be able to use the Service, or receive the information and services provided by the Company as well as any relevant promotions, events or marketing messages, etc.

Your Obligations To The Confidentiality Of Personal Information

Any personal information exposed on your own initiative in public domains such as discussion boards, emails, or chat rooms may be collected or used by a third party. Please keep your account, password or any personal information properly, and do not provide any personal information, especially passwords to anyone. After you have completed the service platform or application software that requires a member login, be sure to logout from it. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, be sure to close the browser window to prevent others from accessing your emails or other personal information.

Should a member voluntarily expose his/her account, password or any personal information in the public domains of this Service or other services of the Company, which results in the information being stolen, leaked, tampered with or caused other infringements, the Company has no obligation in finding out or notifying the member, and will not be responsible for any damage.

Emails And Business Information

The Company will send the relevant emails or commercial, marketing information to you after securing your consent. The emails or business information will clearly indicate that it is sent by the Company or corporate and collaborating partner related to the Company. You will also be provided with instructions and methods by which you may stop receiving such emails or business information.

Information Security

The Company will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, disclosure or destruction of information, including internal review of data collection, storage, handling practices and safety measures, as well as entity security measures to prevent the system that stores the Company's personal information from unauthorized access. However, the transmission of internet data cannot be 100% secure and although the Company strives to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the data transmission or reception of the Company's service platform because the transmission of data involves the security of your online environment. You thus shall take note and bear the risks of data transmission.

Use Of Cookies And Other Technologies

Cookies are information technology that enables a web server to recognize a user. When a common web page is read, the server cannot identify whether the user has ever visited, and information such as number of visits and the time of visits. When browsing the web page, the server will write a short piece of information to the user's hard disk via a browser. The next time the browser requests the server to return to the webpage, the browser will send the cookies information to the server for it to identify the user based on the cookies. With the user's visit information, the web server can then analyze and target the various preferences of different members and perform different actions or return specific information.

When you browse the Company's website, the Company will use cookies or similar technology to collect your information in order to provide you with more convenient and personalized services, and use this information to analyze the conditions of the user browsing the Company's website, as a reference for the Company to provide better services.

You can also change your acceptance of cookies through your computer's browser settings. If you choose to block all cookies, you may not be able to use part of the personalized services or participate in some activities

Revision Of Policy

The Company reserves the right to revise the Policy and to announce it on the Company's official website or on the Service's platform, or by words, written, telephone, email, fax, electronic document or other way which is sufficient to make you aware of or accessible to the revised contents. Should you continue to use it after the revision, you are deemed to agree to these terms. Should you not agree with these changes or amendments, please stop using the Service and other services of the Company, and notify the Company to stop collecting, processing and using your personal information in accordance with thePolicy.

Questions And Suggestions

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